Fan Mail

I just ran across this phone message. When I'm feeling too swell headed I think I'll haul it out and re-read it. "Mr. Hebert, I am confused. You write in the back of "The Dogs of March", under your photo, that your book is about the 'native versus newcomer in New England'. Seems to me that this story was mainly about the raw, cruel, ugly people in that New Hampshire village. Why would you take time and effort to write such an ugly, horrid story? Where I see only 'cons' to this work, where do you see 'pro's' for your readers? I am an avid reader & this is the 1st time I've written a negative message to an author. I am sorry to do it. However, the meanness of your story is just over the top. It feels like you wrote this particular piece just to show raw ugliness in both the characters and in their surroundings. What's the point ?! ( I DO like the cover of "The Dogs of March" very much, though. Kudos to Ms. McAllister Stammen !)"