A Belated Thank You

People often ask me what my favorite book is among the twelve I've published. In the past I've always dodged the question by saying that I think of my books the way I think of my kids: I don't play favorites. But the other day while I was drawing (crazy but I get literary ideas when I'm drawing) I realized that my favorite book, and probably the most artfully conceived and written, is my historical novel, THE OLD AMERICAN. When I was a boy attending St. Joseph School in Keene, NH, I read the plaque nearby on the Nathan Blake monument on the corner of Main and Winchester Street. The curiosity that rose up in me no doubt led me into a career as a writer and later to the writing of THE OLD AMERICAN. The thank you goes to the Ashuelot Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, who placed the monument in 1929. (See Gallery for image.)