I never thought I'd live long enough to see the 21st Century, but here I am more than a decade into this loony tunes arcade of a century--and I love it. It's grim, fun, despairing, promising, hallucinatory. All at the same time. I'm hoping that sharing this website will bring me and anyone who visits a little closer ... to ... what? I'm looking for God, I'm looking for a clue to save our planet, I'm looking for a metaphor, call it recycling reality, to explain my brief visit to this earthly realm.

What do I, this mad septuagenarian, have in his creative life to leave the world? There's my historical novel, THE OLD AMERICAN, and my two crazy sci-fi books, MAD BOYS and I LOVE U, my only consciously autobiographical novel, NEVER BACK DOWN, and a bunch of poems that I call The Contrarian Voice.

Through it all are the seven novels of The Darby Chronicles: Life, Death and Laughs in a Small Town.

For me the small town is a metaphor for a nurturing environment greater than the family, the job, the church, the school, and the political unit. The equivalent of the small town could be your urban neighborhood, your army platoon, your Facebook friends, your co-conspirators. For me it's Darby, my imaginary New England village. It has rich people, poor people, and everybody in between; farms, houses, trailers, mansions, a pond, a river, and a land trust. I've tried to show the good, the bad, the ugly, the far side and the dark matter.


His life had come to this: save a few deer from the jaws of dogs. He was a small man sent to perform a small task.

Ollie Jordan: "Everybody's got an idiot chained to him, only difference is, mine's here to see"

The stakes are high when a big company proposes a regional shopping mall in Darby.

Maybe the way to save yourself is to save someone else.

Long drop, no net when the trash man's son and the squire's daughter fall in love.

How a boy saved his dad and brought together warring families.

Suppose all a man has left is his imagination. Then what?

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